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About Us

The first European settlement in the North Carolina Piedmont, founded by Moravians in 1753.

Our History

Founded in 1753 by German-speaking Moravians, Bethabara was the first European settlement in the North Carolina piedmont. Today, Historic Bethabara Park preserves the history and heritage of the “Old Town.” A National Historic Landmark and Local Historic District, the Park encompasses 183 acres of preserved wildlife, historic buildings and grounds, walking and birding trails, and protected wetlands.

The Park is managed by the City of Winston-Salem Recreation and Parks Department and supported by Historic Bethabara Park Inc, a 501c(3) nonprofit organization. 

At a Glance

National Historic Landmark

Historic Bethabara Park is a National Historic Landmark, pre-dating Old Salem as the birthplace of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County, founded in 1753.

Poindexter Wildlife Preserve

183 acres of wetlands, 126 species of birds, walking and birding trails including the Poindexter Wildlife Preserve

Educational Attraction

Educational and entertainment attraction for 137,366 local, national and international visitors.

School Programs

School tour programs educating 3,611 children from over 30 schools. 

Free Events

Host to free, community, family-focused, special events with attendance of more than 27,113.

Local, National, and International Visitors


International tourist destination with visitors from across the U.S. and 14 countries.


The mission of Historic Bethabara Park, Inc. is the documentation, preservation, interpretation, promotion, and public celebration of Winston-Salem’s 18th century birthplace. The mission directly strengthens the historical and cultural identity, social capital, and quality of life of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. Since 1970, the Trustees and Executive Directors of Historic Bethabara Park, Inc. have served as stewards to the site.