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Historic Bethabara Park

Dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of Bethabara, founded by Moravians in 1753.

Virtual Field Trips

We miss sharing Bethabara’s history with you, so we decided to launch the Virtual Field Trip video series to bring the Bethabara experience directly to your devices. 

The Visitor Center has been closed until further notice. Park grounds and trails are open, however some trails are closed for construction.

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#PagesFromThePast As the Revolutionary War drew to a close, the government declared July 4th to be a Peace Festival. The townspeople of Bethabara made preparations for the day and invited neighbors to join.

Bethabara Diary, July 4, 1783: “The Day of Thanksgiving for Peace was announced early in the morning by the blowing of the wind instruments. At ten o’clock there was a service...Some of our neighbors were present. At two in the afternoon the congregation, including the children and some of the neighbors, had a happy lovefeast, during which the Ode composed in Salem was sung. In the evening all the houses were illuminated, the bell was rung, and the congregation assembled before the Gemein Haus. Singing began with the hymn: “Oh Thou, Whose goodness no tongue can tell, and the congregation marched in procession between the two Brothers Houses and the other houses to the tavern, along the road by Schaub’s [The Potter’s House] and back by Stach’s to the Gemein Haus, full of praise and thanksgiving.” (Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, Vol. IV, pg. 1864) #bethabara #wsnc #moravianhistory #nchistoricsites #thisdayinhistory #july4th

Bethabara calf barn, photo courtesy Gail Jones

A fifth instar spicebush swallowtail in our gardens. Photo by Harriet McCarthy. #butterflies #cityofwinstonsalem #cityofws #gardening #piedmonttriad #nationalhistoriclandmark #nchistoricsites ...

A summer view of the magnificent palisade fort at Historic Bethabara Park. One of the only French and Indian War forts in the Southeast reconstructed on its original site, from 1760. #cityofwinstonsalem #cityofws #frenchandindianwar #americancolonialhistory #moravianhistory #nchistoricsites #nchistory #piedmonttriad #visitnc ...

Tune in tonight at 5 p.m. for a special online concert broadcast from the Gemeinhaus at Historic Bethabara Park with Kendra and Zack Harding. Hailing from Winston-Salem, the @brownmountainlightningbugs are a Folk/Americana band. You will find the concert on our Facebook page and YouTube channel, 5 to 6 p.m. tonight! #cityofwinstonsalem #cityofws #concert #ncmusic #folkmusic #americanmusic #americana #nchistoricsites #nationalhistoriclandmark #visitnc ...

#PagesFromThePast Anna Johanna Krause, the first child born in Bethabara, moves into Salem’s new Single Sisters House, built by master mason Gottlob Krause, Anna Johanna’s brother.

Salem Diary, April 6, 1786: “Salem and the many visitors from other congregations had a special day of joy and thanksgiving, for during these days the building of the Choir House for the Single Sisters has so far advanced that today they could make their solemn entrance into it.” Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, Vol. 5, pg. 2123 #bethabara #wsnc #moravianhistory #nchistoricsites #thisdayinhistory #salemcollege

The Single Sisters House is now part of Salem College, Winston-Salem, NC.

Summer yarrow in our medicinal garden. The garden was first laid out in 1756, the first European Medicinal Garden ever planted in America. It remains intact today thanks to meticulous archaeology and research using historic illustrations and maps and the work of dedicated volunteers. #cityofwinstonsalem #cityofws #gardening #piedmonttriad #nchistoricsites #moravianhistory #moravians #nationalhistoriclandmark #visitnc #americancolonialhistory ...

Save the date for Sunday, June 28 for a special online concert broadcast from the Gemeinhaus at Historic Bethabara Park with Kendra and Zack Harding. Natives of Winston-Salem, the Brown Mountain Lightning Bugs are a Folk/Americana band. You will find the concert on our Facebook page and Youtube channel, 5 to 6 p.m. this Sunday! @brownmountainlightningbugs @cityofwinstonsalem #cityofwinstonsalem #folkmusic #concert #nchistoricsites #piedmonttriad #nationalhistoriclandmark #cityofws ...

Another view of the magnificent grape arbor in the Community Garden. Using archaeological research and historic maps and illustrations, the garden today is an exact reconstruction of the historic garden that was planted in 1758. #cityofwinstonsalem #cityofws #gardening #piedmonttriad #visitnc #nchistoricsites #nchistory #moravianhistory #moravians #nationalhistoriclandmark #americancolonialhistory ...

“This was my first time at the park, but I would return again when visiting Winston-Salem. Bethabara is smaller and less crowded than nearby Old Salem. It is also much more affordable. The archeological sites were well preserved…it was clear that Historic Bethabara Park is lovingly and thoughtfully maintained.”


Trip Advisor

“I live within a ten-minute walk of the park, have trod its paths for years, worked in its community garden, brought out-of-town guests for the tour, attended many Apple Festivals and Celtic Festivals, sung in the Gemeinhaus at Christmas. I bought my house here because it was close to this wonderful park! It’s not just beautiful and historic, but it is full of life and music with so many events throughout the year.”


Facebook Reviewer

“My daughter and I went here on a field trip for our homeschool…I loved this place, my daughter loved this place, it is so well preserved and it makes you feel like you have stepped back in time. We went back the next day to the Apple Festival and had a great time. It is beautiful here, peaceful and will always make for a great place to go again and again.”


Google Reviewer

Our Mission

Historic Bethabara Park, Inc. supports the Park in on-going efforts to enhance the cultural heritage of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County by maintaining and restoring it historical structures. Significantly, the 1756 Palisade Fort was restored through the help of many individuals, companies and foundations throughout our community and the state. Most recently, the 1843 Log House roof was restored after in-depth research to confirm the year of its construction and with materials and construction techniques consistent with that period. With the rich array of historic buildings and foundations, Historic Bethabara Park and HBP, Inc. has a consistent focus on ensuring the integrity and accessibility of these community treasures. 

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