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Historic Bethabara Park

Dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of Bethabara, founded by Moravians in 1753.

Virtual Field Trips

We miss sharing Bethabara’s history with you, so we decided to launch the Virtual Field Trip video series to bring the Bethabara experience directly to your devices. 

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Bethabara diary, July 26, 1780: "Every one was busy gathering the fallen apples, and taking to the stillhouse those that were not fit for drying." (Volume 4, pg. 1623 of the Records of the Moravians in North Carolina) #moravianhistory #moravians #nchistory #nchistoricsites #ncapples #americancolonialhistory #visitnc #nationalhistoriclandmark #piedmonttriad #cityofwinstonsalem #cityofws (Photo by Julie Freeman) ...

@creasmanfarms located in Hendersonville, NC will be our Orchard Spotlight online this Saturday at 11 a.m. for the Virtual Apple Festival on our Facebook and YouTube pages! #cityofwinstonsalem #cityofws #piedmonttriad #ncapples #applefestival #nchistoricsites #moravians #visitnc #nationalhistoriclandmark ...

Did you know that on this day in 1781 the British surrendered to General Washington at Yorktown? In February of 1781, the British army had arrived at Bethabara to demand supplies prior to their victory at Guilford Courthouse on March 15. (Photo by Julie Freeman) #americanrevolution #americancolonialhistory #cityofwinstonsalem #cityofws #piedmonttriad #nchistoricsites #nchistory #moravians #moravianhistory #visitnc ...

Get your cup of coffee and enjoy a brand new episode of @moravian_mornings ! In this episode Maizie and Casey speak with Scott Douglas and Jason Melius of Fort Dobbs to learn more about the French & Indian War in the Piedmont of NC. ...

#PagesFromThePast: The first soldiers returning from the Battle of Kings Mountain arrive in Bethabara.

Bethabara diary, October 15, 1780: “It began to rain last night and continued all day. We were prevented from holding our morning services by the arrival of several companies of soldiers, who were so cold and wet that arrangements had to be made to get them under shelter, and where they could have fire. At the same time cattle had to be killed and bread baked for them. Toward evening Colonel Paisly arrived with four hundred infantry. They were in the same condition as the others, cold, wet and hungry. Some asked to be taken into the houses, but most of them camped around the Gemeinhaus, and built fires at which to dry themselves. During the night they were quiet and still.” The next day “nearly six hundred men were asking bread and meat from us, and there was also stealing or demanding a tithe of swine, chickens, sheep, ducks, and geese, and the spring-house was emptied of all the milk and the small amount of butter. The same thing happened to the apples stored in the old store building.” At this point in time there were only 69 residents living in Bethabara. Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, Vol. IV, pg. 1629. #bethabara #wsnc #moravianhistory #nchistoricsites #thisdayinhistory #revolutionarywar

Reuter’s 1766 map of Bethabara courtesy Moravian Archives. Building “1” is the Gemeinhaus.

Here are the details for our VIRTUAL Apple Festival online on Saturday, October 24. @cityofwinstonsalem @creasmanfarms #cityofwinstonsalem #cityofws #applefestival #ncapples #moravianhistory #moravians #visitnc #nchistoricsites #nchistory #colonialreenactors #colonialcooking #piedmonttriad ...

Stay tuned for more details about apple pie baking demonstrations at the VIRTUAL Apple Festival online on October 24! #piedmonttriad #cityofwinstonsalem #cityofws #nchistory #colonialcooking #colonialreenactors #americancolonialhistory #nchistoricsites #moravians #moravianhistory #visitnc #nationalhistoriclandmark ...

Join Casey and Maizie as they talk about the French & Indian War and its impact on Bethabara in this week's episode of @moravian_mornings . Find it wherever you get your podcasts or listen directly here: ...

“This was my first time at the park, but I would return again when visiting Winston-Salem. Bethabara is smaller and less crowded than nearby Old Salem. It is also much more affordable. The archeological sites were well preserved…it was clear that Historic Bethabara Park is lovingly and thoughtfully maintained.”


Trip Advisor

“I live within a ten-minute walk of the park, have trod its paths for years, worked in its community garden, brought out-of-town guests for the tour, attended many Apple Festivals and Celtic Festivals, sung in the Gemeinhaus at Christmas. I bought my house here because it was close to this wonderful park! It’s not just beautiful and historic, but it is full of life and music with so many events throughout the year.”


Facebook Reviewer

“My daughter and I went here on a field trip for our homeschool…I loved this place, my daughter loved this place, it is so well preserved and it makes you feel like you have stepped back in time. We went back the next day to the Apple Festival and had a great time. It is beautiful here, peaceful and will always make for a great place to go again and again.”


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Our Mission

Historic Bethabara Park, Inc. supports the Park in on-going efforts to enhance the cultural heritage of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County by maintaining and restoring it historical structures. Significantly, the 1756 Palisade Fort was restored through the help of many individuals, companies and foundations throughout our community and the state. Most recently, the 1843 Log House roof was restored after in-depth research to confirm the year of its construction and with materials and construction techniques consistent with that period. With the rich array of historic buildings and foundations, Historic Bethabara Park and HBP, Inc. has a consistent focus on ensuring the integrity and accessibility of these community treasures. 

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