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Historic Bethabara Park

Dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of Historic Bethabara, founded by Moravians in 1753.

  Visitor Center Hours

The Visitor Center will reopen April 2, 2019.




10:30AM – 4:30PM

Saturday & Sunday 

1:30PM – 4:30PM

Closed Thanksgiving Day

Closed December 13-April 2

Park grounds always open

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 Our Location

2147 Bethabara Road

Winston-Salem, NC 27106

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Park Director

Samantha Smith

Education Director

Diana Overbey

Special Events Coordinator

Anne Marie Bass


Jason Melius

Senior Accounting Clerk

Debbie Leonard

Crew Coordinator

Tammy Moore

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Closing for the Season

The Visitor Center closes on December 13th and will reopen on April 2nd. Park grounds are always open.

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Our Collections

View our archive of artifacts and historic documents

History of the Park

The legacy of Edwin Stockton, founder of Historic Bethabara

Bethabara's Enslaved

Uncover the stories of Bethabara’s enslaved in our new exhibit  

Historic Buildings

Our dedication to preservation and stewardship

Our Mission

Historic Bethabara Park, Inc. supports the Park in on-going efforts to enhance the cultural heritage of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County by maintaining and restoring it historical structures. Significantly, the 1756 Palisade Fort was restored through the help of many individuals, companies and foundations throughout our community and the state. Most recently, the 1843 Log House roof was restored after in-depth research to confirm the year of its construction and with materials and construction techniques consistent with that period. With the rich array of historic buildings and foundations, Historic Bethabara Park and HBP, Inc. has a consistent focus on ensuring the integrity and accessibility of these community treasures. 

Sensing the Founders’ Reality

“After going first to Bethania, we went to Bethabara for the history of the original settlement that gave birth to Winston-Salem and were well rewarded. The docents were passionate about their site, the orientation film was instructive, and the church building was simple and fascinating. Even with its sparseness of remaining buildings, the park evokes an image of the earliest days and struggles of the city-to-be.”

– Phillip

Peaceful Stroll Through History

“In town seeing our daughter, my husband and I decided to take the afternoon to visit Bethabara Park. It was a wonderful mixture of nature and history(my husband is the history buff!), and the peace and quiet on the trails was so relaxing, we’ll definitely be visiting the park again!”

Our Ancestors

“I love walking the same land where our ancestors had a thriving community almost 300 years ago!”

– Jamie

Lovingly and Thoughtfully Maintained

“This was my first time at the park, but I would return again when visiting Winston-Salem. Bethabara Park is smaller and less crowded/touristy than nearby Old Salem. It is also much more affordable. The archeological sites were well preserved…it was clear that Historic Bethabara Park is lovingly and thoughtfully maintained.”

– Virginia

Lovely Little Historic Sanctuary

“Gorgeous, lush park with lots of greenery and historic touches throughout. It was my first time there as I went for the shiny Dratini Pokémon Community Day event and I will most certainly be returning to visit this lovely little historic sanctuary. Even the cemetery up on the hill called God’s Acre was beautiful and peaceful. Go visit if you can.”


Great Local Historic Site

“My wife and I stopped in for a visit today and really enjoyed learning about the settlement at the Visitor Center. We toured the buildings and the old fort area, and the medical garden. There is a lot to see and so much history in the park.”

– James

Full of Life and Music

“I live within a ten-minute walk of the park, have trod its paths for years, worked in its community garden, brought out-of-town guests for the tour, attended many Apple Festivals and Celtic Festivals, sung in the Gemeinhaus at Christmas. I bought my house here because it was close to this wonderful park! It’s not just beautiful and historic, but it is full of life and music with so many events throughout the year. Thank you!”

– Nancy

Friendly People, Great Festivals

“My daughter and I went here on a field trip for our homeschool. We went on the day before the Apple Festival and we were the only ones there…I loved this place, my daughter loved this place, it is so well preserved and it makes you feel like you have stepped back in time. We went back the next day to the Apple Festival and had a great time. It is beautiful here, peaceful and will always make for a great place to go again and again.”

– Mandi

Explore the Archaeology

“It’s a nice park. You get to walk around outdoors on the self guided tour, which takes you by the various archaeological sites. Every site has a little informational plaque and these are where the park shines. The little tidbits of information I found pretty interesting, especially as someone new to the area who didn’t know its history…”


Definitely Worth the Visit

“Another wonderful historic site that is not very well known throughout North Carolina. The historic structures and gardens are most definitely worth the visit.”

– John

Apple Festival

“We came here during the Apple festival and had so much fun going into the houses and learning about what life what like back then. They had clothes, some kids toys, and spinning wheels…We also sat in the church and listened to a guy play a wooden instrument…and they played the old organ for us too, really beautiful. Can’t wait to come back!”