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A Historic Bethabara Park podcast

Moravian Mornings

A podcast discussing the history of the Moravians who settled in Wachovia. Hosted by Historic Bethabara Park tour guides.

About Moravian Mornings

With the spread of COVID-19 and the closing of the historic site, we wanted to create a way to reach our current audiences while developing connections to new audiences. Moravian Mornings was created to make the history of the site, as well as Bethania and Old Salem, more accessible to the public during this time where digital learning is more needed than ever. Bonus episodes and a second season are now in development! Available on most major streaming platforms.

Casey Landolf

Casey Landolf


Maizie Plumley

Maizie Plumley


Bonus episodes to release in April 2021!

Season two to start in August 2021!


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Recent Episode

Christmas at Bethabara

Grab some coffee or hot cocoa and snuggle up with the family for the story “Christmas at Bethabara” by Betty Russell. Join children Hannah and William, refugees staying at the Bethabara mill during the French and Indian War, as they experience their first Christmas at the Moravian town of Bethabara. This story was inspired from an excerpt from Adelaide Fries’ Records of the Moravians in North Carolina: December 1, 1760: ” On Christmas Day the English children from the mill came to see our Christmas decoration, they were so poorly clad that it would have moved a stone to pity. We told them why we rejoiced like children and gave to each a piece of cake. In Bethania, Br. Ettwein held a Lovefeast for the 24 children there, at the close of the service each received a pretty Christmas verse and a ginger cake, the first they had ever seen” (Vol I, 233).

Season 1, Episode 13    |    9 mins